On The Road Again

Our time in CA is starting to wind down and we are officially in the single digit countdown. We recently received our next assignment and the Roland’s will be packing up and heading to Kansas City, Missouri for a year. (Hold your applause and excitement, I know it’s thrilling.)

With Jamari’s job we move every 2-3 years and the moves can be domestically or international. Jamari and I have moved multiple times together but this will be the first time with kiddos. We arrived in California with our oversized furbaby, Kingston, and will be leaving with our oversized furbaby and a toddler and a baby. Jamari was accepted into a military university to get another degree, so we jumped at the opportunity for a year with him not traveling or being pulled for temporary assignments. Although Kansas City doesn’t seem alluring to many, we are thrilled at the opportunity for a bit of a respite and to nosh on some of the best BBQ in the country.

Neither Jamari nor I have ever been to Kansas City, but that is part of the mystery in the Foreign Service. You normally don’t get to vet prospective assignments before you bid on them so this is no different. This will likely be a situation like CA was for us; we’ll look online for housing, agree to move there sight unseen, and arrive with suitcases. This time we’ll have two kids and the dog in tow because chaos creates better memories.

So consider this your final countdown to come visit us in CA, we plan to sell our home before we make the trek to Missouri early next summer.