Five Fast Facts

Learn about us with five quick facts.


  • Can use ASL conversationally

  • Addicted to essential oils and can find a cure for anything with them

  • Terrified of clowns

  • Guilty pleasures include iced pumpkin spice lattes, leisurely walking around Target, and hours of The Golden Girls re-runs

  • 90% of her clothes are “work-out” apparel…but she doesn’t work out.


  • Has been to 33 countries and has 3 passports

  • Served in the US Army

  • Goes to the gym 7 days a week

  • Has lived in California, Kentucky, Tennessee, New Jersey, New York, Afghanistan, and Jersusalem

  • Enjoys karaoke (and is actually really good)


  • Loves Gymboree class

  • Born Aug 21, 2017

  • Uses ASL to communicate

  • Favorite food is fruit

  • Has been on 9 flights