While We've Been Gone...

We’ve been MIA for awhile; 8.5 weeks to be exact, but who is counting? I thought a recap of our recent 2.5 months would be better than individual posts. Keep reading, you’ll read about the plague that struck our house, Disney on Ice, and Christmas at the Roland Ranch.

Our New Roommate

We had a new roommate living in our home during November/December; a nasty, offensive, stage five clinger, lingering virus. Jamari is affectionately calling me “patient zero” because I may have been the first one to have symptoms. We all took trips to the doctor at various times, took antibiotics at multiple times, can successfully review every single OTC cold medication if asked, and have over a dozen bottles of hand sanitizer strategically placed around the house. We kindly evicted our roommate shortly before Christmas and won’t be sad if we never see each other again.


I blinked and it was over. I can’t even remember Thanksgiving under the haze of medication we were all on from our nasty virus. I do remember feeling like life wasn’t fair because I couldn’t even taste the food, which is what Thanksgiving is all about. We went to Jamari’s grandparent’s house to celebrate which was glorious because that meant no cooking or cleaning. I managed to take a single picture that day…and here it is.


My Mom Came to Visit

Grammy (My Mom) came to visit the first week of December and that is always my favorite! Although we talk at least a dozen times a day (FB, phone, text, video chat) having her under the same roof is so comforting. It was especially awesome that she was here during the thick of our illness and was able to nurse us ALL back to health. We didn’t leave the house much since we were all under the weather but lounging on the couch, watching Christmas movies, and playing with Audrey is the perfect trip to her.

Disney on Ice

We ventured to our first official “kids” event with Audrey, which was Disney on Ice. We weren’t sure if we were setting ourselves up for failure or if this would be an enjoyable experience, so we bought tickets with seats close to an exit and higher up so no one would hear the screams if she started showing her true colors. Nana, (Jamari’s Mom) came with us for moral support, extra hands, and the show. We were all surprised how much everyone enjoyed the show. We agreed we would go back next year and buy tickets closer to the ice so we can see the skaters without zooming in on our phones. Audrey did great! She danced her way through the songs she knew and ate her chicken tenders through the ones that she never heard before. It was really fun to have that experience with her because I can remember going to Disney on Ice with my Mom and it being a special memory. While we live in the States, I plan to make as many “normal” childhood memories for her as I can create.


My Birthday

I’m 32. Enough said.


Jamari is equivalent to Clark Griswold in, “A Christmas Vacation” when it comes to holiday decorations. The day after Thanksgiving, the tree goes up, the garlands come out, and the wreath goes on the door. Are there ever enough lights? NO! Not to Jamari. Although, this year between being sick and our first attempt at the lights not “being bright enough” we never put up outdoor lights. (You’re welcome neighbors.) Christmas is becoming increasingly fun as Audrey gets older. Sure, it’s a challenge to have any form of decoration in the house because toddlers are savages, but watching her eyes light up each night when we put on the Christmas tree was special. We dressed in obligatory matching family jammies for Christmas morning and opened gifts. My Mom sent tons of presents for Audrey and we Face-timed her so she could watch Audrey’s excitement. Jamari and I hosted Christmas dinner at our home and had a great spread of food and desserts. Audrey received so many gifts she didn’t know what to do with herself and every single one HAD to be opened the second she ripped the paper off.

Note to self: space out gifts next year to avoid major meltdowns and have toys already assembled with batteries.


We have had a busy few weeks and LOT of quality family time. Tomorrow we hop back into our routine of Jamari going to work and Audrey and I doing hood-rat stuff that stay at home mom’s do during the day. Don’t worry friends, my New Years resolution is to continue blogging so you never have to wonder what we are doing.