We Had a Little (BIG) Secret!

I learned I was pregnant with Audrey on my 30th birthday, so the ongoing joke is that Jamari gave me a baby for my 30th. I guess he gave me a baby for my 32nd too? Yep! The Roland’s are expanding and will now be a party of 4, we are expecting another baby in July 2019!


We learned we were pregnant in early December but have anxiously been waiting out our first trimester to announce to the world, although if you have seen me in the last 4/5 weeks you realized I was pregnant or are concerned about my burrito consumption. A huge part of my absence from blogging was because I was couch bound during the first weeks of pregnancy. The first trimester hit me like a ton of bricks and I had no energy to come up with thoughtful content.

I shared the news with Jamari the day I tested, after he had spent 15 hours at work, over jambalaya, and written on a letter board in our kitchen…magical. We were able to share the news with my Mom the next day when she flew in for a visit and we shared the news with Jamari’s family on Christmas with an adorable shirt my talented friend, Chelsi made me that declared, “Merry Christmas, also I’m pregnant”.

We are thrilled to be expecting again and can’t wait to learn the gender. This pregnancy is completely different than with Audrey. For starters, I am in America this time. That equates to a lot of pregnancy cravings that can actually be met. (Thank you Jesus for Chik-Fil-A drive thru and Mexican food). I also have a 16 month old who has no idea what is going on and doesn’t slow down for anything. She has become really good at mimicking my morning sickness and walks around fake vomiting in garbage cans though. I’m also not spending hours Googling what is happening, what if’s, and what to expect. I feel more confident in myself and my body this time around.

I look forward to sharing our pregnancy journey.